The Odds That Eddie Lacy Will Start For The Seahawks In Week One

NFL Props: Will Eddie Lacy Start for Seahawks in Week One?

The things we can bet on as sports fans are kind of incredible. Actually, just the things we can bet on in any regard are kind of crazy.

I mean, Donald Trump prop bets are a thing. Those exist.

Some will scoff at that kind of betting and say degenerate this or degenerate that. But really, it’s all about entertaining ourselves and having some fun. And if we think we know something that oddsmakers or the general betting public might not, it’s also a little bit about winning some money.

Okay, it’s mostly about that, but I digress. Back to football, too, where we can another fun NFL prop bet in the way of Eddie Lacy and his role with the Seattle Seahawks come week one.

Will Eddie Lacy Start in Week 1?

Yes, this is something we can bet on and it’s awesome.

There are several reasons to like (and take) this bet. For one, Lacy was signed on during free agency to be Seattle’s top rusher.

Marshawn Lynch retired after the 2015 season (then forced his way into Oakland), which left a huge hole in the team’s offensive backfield. They tried replacing that with Thomas Rawls, but injuries and inconsistency delivered mixed results.

That’s probably why some are a little surprised that Rawls remains the starter at the moment:

Lacy working solely with backup units during team drills. Rawls appears clear number one right now.

— Bob Condotta (@bcondotta) August 9, 2017

That is troubling, indeed. However, it was just in late July that reports suggested the newly signed Lacy was a safe bet to be the starter by the time the regular season rolled around.

Suddenly that doesn’t appear to be so set in stone.

BetOnline and other NFL betting sites are jumping on the sudden position battle, offering us some interesting odds as far as who we think will start in week one when the Seahawks battle the Green Bay Packers:

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