Stranger Things Betting What Will Happen In Season Three

Who Will Die First in Stranger Things Season 3?

With the return of Game of Thrones and so many other great shows on television, I have to admit I completely forgot about Stranger Things.

That’s borderline blasphemous, I know. To be fair, we hadn’t heard much about the new Stranger Things season in some time.

Oh, how things change.

Netflix just dropped the Stranger Things 3 trailer recently, and it blew up the internet. The trailer opens up with our favorite Goonies-esque group of pals playing a trick on Dustin and leaks into, well, things that are not so funny.

In fact, they’re downright frightening.

Personally, I’d live to see these things happen in Stranger Things season three. For now, though, let’s фокус on the new trailer.

What We Learned from the Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer

There is a good deal of content in a trailer that doesn’t even span three whole minutes, especially since the producers drop a rapid-fire blitz of images that gives you tiny sneak peeks into what horror awaits our favorite band of friends.

Finn opens things up by saying “we’re not kids anymore.” We don’t know who he’s talking to or what he’s referencing exactly, but more than anything, it’s probably underscoring the reality that these kids have been through and seen some stuff, and there’s no going back.

That, and being afraid of the unknown and/or what is to come isn’t an option at this point. This band of brothers (and sisters) has fought the devil (twice), and they’ve lived to tell about it. Some are more damaged than others, but there’s an argument they can handle just about anything.

Finn’s comments could also be a wakeup call to Eleven or any of his buddies. The darkness came and went, but it will be back, and everyone needs to be ready for it.

That certainly figures to be the case in Stranger Things season three, as we see a nasty looking creature — one which is new to these eyes — and also catch Eleven being swept up in some visions or a back-and-forth dance between our world and the Upside Down.

Check out the season three Stranger Things official trailer and see for yourself.

Jim Hopper is trying to clean up Hawkins and make sure everyone feels safe. Something tells me that’s not going to be an easy task, nor can he even keep himself safe.

I’m also excited to see expanded roles for some of season two’s newbies — Max Mayfield and Billy Hargrove. We also get introduced to a new mayor, and I’m sure that will be a big storyline.

But let’s talk about the elephant in the room — well, two of them.

First, that disgusting monster and also a quick shot of someone’s arm looking rather infected.

That new creature is very interesting. For one, it’s unlike any monstrosity we’ve seen from the Upside Down, and it’s also worth wondering how it got here.

How it got there, what it’s going to do, and how they get rid of it will be hot topics going into season three.

The other thing that stood out is that shot of an infected arm.

Clearly, someone notices something isn’t right with their arm, and they’ll have to look into that. It appears to be Billy, but I’m wondering if we catch a shot of him looking down, but the second shot focusing on the arm is from someone else.

Either way, Billy is on infection alert, and that reminds me that two other characters could be in similar trouble.

As you may recall, Hopper was incapacitated inside that tunnel by the pumpkin farm. He was completely strapped to the ground when finally rescued, so it’s anyone’s guess if something had been planted inside him before his friends got to him.

He and Dustin both got sprayed in the face by spores in that tunnel, too, which makes it very possible that one or both is in serious trouble. Could some concoction be brewing inside their bodies? Could they simply be poisoned and destined to die a horrible, slow death?

Or maybe one of these three characters is infested to such a horrifying degree that they become that wretched creature we see in the hall.

Who Will Die First in Stranger Things 3?

While there is a lot to consider and get excited about beyond just anticipating the return of Stranger Things, I’m also eager to see how we might be able to bet on the show.

We’ve seen Stranger Things prop bets in the past. offered Stranger Things death odds ahead of season two, and there really is no shortage of Stranger Things betting opportunities we could dream up.

For now, though, I think the most popular and logical wager deals with which main character could be killed off first.

It really hasn’t happened yet. Barb died in season one, and Sam got the axe in season two, but neither of them were ever main characters. They certainly weren’t part of the main group.

I’m talking about Stranger Things making the bold call to eliminate a core building block to this whole thing, whether it be Hopper, Joyce, or one of the kids.

It’s still unclear how long Stranger Things will last, but with whispers suggesting the show could quit while it’s ahead around four or five seasons, some big names could eventually be on the chopping block.

This is definitely something to start considering anytime new faces get added to the lineup. Either they’re at risk of being killed off, or their presence could in time make a similar character expendable.

Just look at The Walking Dead. Once the show found a new voice of reason in Hershel, Dale was мейд expendable. Just as Michonne came in to offer a strong female lead, Andrea was killed off.

That’s a fine formula to follow. Stranger Things hasn’t really done that yet, but with so much star power, it makes sense to trim the fat a bit and make room for other characters to thrive during the stretch run of the series.

So, who will be first to die in Stranger Things season three? Here are the leading candidates, in my opinion.

Jim Hopper

Hopper is the unofficial leader of this show. He’s the town sheriff and has had his hands in this mess from the very beginning. He may have been infected during season two and is constantly in harm’s way, though.

On top of that, if someone big is going down, it’d make sense for the main protector to take the bullet. This story is really about the kids, anyway, so finally having that father figure being killed off so that everyone needs to grow up in a hurry makes some sense.

There is even some foreshadowing in the trailer, with Hopper being very vocal about wanting to keep everyone safe. That’s not very realistic given the horrors these people are facing, so it’s arguable he’s fighting a losing battle.

I love the character, but David Harbour has taken on the Hellboy role in the movies and is a burgeoning star in Hollywood. When things like that start happening, an actor’s exit from even the biggest of shows can get expedited.

Dustin Henderson

Slowly becoming an outcast in his group of friends and spurned by Max, Dustin could be the main character of our favorite pack of pals that gets the axe.

More than that, Dustin was constantly exposed to a “demo-dog” as he so eloquently called it. He was also sprayed by a spore in the tunnels, so he seems to be at pretty great risk of being infected.

Billy Hargrove

Only introduced to us last season, Billy is a bit of a tough guy, but he’s also got some baggage that explains that persona. At this point, you kind of want to root for him, and that may be just enough incentive to have him be a casualty we don’t want to see go.

It’s also not a loss that would hurt the show too much, yet it wouldn’t be nothing.

If that’s him with the infected arm in the trailer, he’s obviously in trouble. He’s violent and fearless, too, which could easily put him in harm’s way in the future.

Steve Harrington

Some of what applies to Billy can be said of Steve, too. He lost the love war for Nancy Wheeler’s heart, but he’s become good friends with the rest of the group and is a great source of comic relief.

Harrington was a pretty good match for Billy last season and has always been willing to come to the aid of his young friends. In doing so, he’s also risked his life a few times and could be inching towards that being a real issue.

On top of that, he jokingly pretends to stab himself in the trailer. Could that be some intended foreshadowing that he’s on his way out? Maybe, especially if you factor in rising Stranger Things stars that could have bigger fish to fry in Hollywood.

Joe Keery has been busy with some non-ST projects since the show started in 2016 and was recently part of Free Guy, which arrives in 2020. Increasingly in high demand, he could get too busy to stick with the original Stranger Things cast.

Will Byers

Feel free to nominate (and bet on) any other main characters being killed off, but the last realistic one in my mind is Will. I feel so bad for this kid even in this fantasy world, but he’s been through the wringer in the first two seasons.

This show is obviously a lot about Eleven and her mysterious gifts as well as the Upside Down. But it’s inadvertently also about some serious torture of one of the most innocent kids you’ll ever meet.

Stranger Things doesn’t seem to care, as we see Will further distraught in the latest trailer. I have hopes that the Shadow Monster is done with him after what he’s been through, but it’s quite possible that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If so, Will could be at risk of further punishment and even death.

I actually like the character and the potential he offers, but he’s powerful enough of a presence to pull at the heartstrings without killing off anyone that “really matters.”

Obviously, a lot of Stranger Things fans wouldn’t be sad to see him go, but there is a redemption arc there if Billy wants to take it. He’s basically a jerk right now, but I think there is room for growth, and if he’s put into a difficult situation, he can redeem himself by coming up big for everyone else.

Billy might be infected with something, and heck, maybe he ends up turning into that disgusting creature. Either way, I think he’s one of the top candidates to be killed off of this show.


No matter who dies in Stranger Things season three, this new trailer suggests we’re in for a pretty bumpy ride. That’s going to be both good and bad, but if it’s anything like the first two seasons, it’s at the very worst going to be fantastic entertainment.

Ideally, we can combine one of our favorite TV shows with winning some cold, hard cash. I can’t be certain that will come off of Stranger Things death odds, but I’d be rather surprised if the top entertainment betting sites didn’t hop on the buzz of this show and deliver some kind of wagers for novelty betting enthusiasts.

Either way, Stranger Things is racing back into our lives in a matter of months, giving us yet another amazing series to latch onto. Let’s just hope we can win some money in the process of enjoying it.

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