Game Of Thrones Death Predictions Betting On Who Dies Next

Latest Game of Thrones Death Odds – Which Character Is Killed First in Episode 3?

If you’re online searching for Game of Thrones odds, you’re either planning on betting on what happens next in HBO’s hit series or you’re afraid of what is just around the corner.

Mark me down for both.

I’ve been tracking the developments of Westeros as long as anyone, and this entire time, I’ve tried to do so with an eye on the entertainment betting scene.

While no grand revelations in the way of “Game of Thrones death odds” or “who will sit last on the Iron Throne” have been revealed, we are admittedly one step closer to the end of it all.

Now two episodes in, no major death has gone down, and it’s foggier than ever as to who will rule the Seven Kingdoms when the dust settles.

The air has been cleared on numerous matters, though. If you came here without being fully caught up on Game of Thrones through episode two of season eight, though, I’d click away now.

Shield your eyes, for spoilers will follow.

There really isn’t anything too groundbreaking, though. Arya Stark learned that Gendry might have a claim to the throne (we knew that already), and Jon Snow revealed to Daenerys that he’s a Targaryen.

We didn’t get into specifics there, but we knew this already, too. But it means that Daenerys is his aunt (ew) and that he’s technically the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. This could complicate matters, assuming Jon Snow even wants to rule (he’s said before he doesn’t).

But there are bigger dragons to fry. Or, well, white walkers.

The Night King and his evil band of undead soldiers have pulled up on Winterfell in a dark, cold night. An epic battle is set to ensue, and if there is an episode where you’ll want to hit up your favorite Game of Thrones betting sites, episode three is it.

Our favorite GoT characters gathered together the night before the coming battle, setting up a goodbye of sorts for virtually anyone. We just don’t know who yet.

Game of Thrones Death Odds

In an effort to turn that question into a winning wager, let’s hit up Bovada to check out the latest Game of Thrones death odds and see which character is the most likely to be killed first.

Theon Greyjoy+125 Jaime Lannister+300 Euron Greyjoy+500 Cersei Lannister+750 Yara Greyjoy+1000 Arya Stark+1500 Tyrion Lannister+1500 Jon Snow+2000 Daenerys Targaryen+2500 Sansa Stark+2500

I’ve been talking about who will die first on Game of Thrones for over a year now, and the entire time, I’ve been looking at a Greyjoy. I actually thought it’d be Euron for some time, but the way season eight has unfolded to this point, I no longer believe that to be the case.

Going into episode two, I changed my tune and rolled with Theon, assuming his return to Winterfell would spell his demise. That could still end up being astute, as he’s now going to be very much in harm’s way when the battle with the undead begins.

Theon pledged to stand with Bran Stark and await the arrival of The Night King, and with The Night King seemingly coming to kill Bran, that’s going to be a bit of a problem.

The big thing to note is everyone in Winterfell is technically at risk. Unless the show does some skipping around and something crazy happens (or just nobody dies in Winterfell), I think we can rule out Cersei and Euron for now.

I’d also ignore Yara, who is reclaiming her throne in the Iron Islands. Barring some dramatic entrance by her and her army, she appears to be safe.

Everyone else Bovada lists is in play, so let’s touch on each character briefly.

Theon Greyjoy +125

I’m pretty big on characters coming full circle when I try to predict who dies next. That has helped me be fairly accurate in the past with The Walking Dead betting as well as Game of Thrones, and I think it could lead to a winner here.

Greyjoy was a womanizing punk for quite some time, but Bolton Ramsay stripped him down to nothing and turned him into a coward. Rightfully so after the torment he was put through, but it took a long time for him to get out of that mental hold Ramsay had on him.

It did happen, though, to the point where Greyjoy has now done three unselfish acts and appears ready to sacrifice himself for the better of people he wronged. That’s specifically become the Starks, who he betrayed and is hopeful of regaining their trust and love.

Right now, that has him with Bran Stark as his lone line of defense from when The Night King comes to kill him. Should that happen as the show is suggesting it might, Theon will be in serious danger as early as episode three.

Jaime Lannister +300

As much as I hate to say it, Lannister is another guy who is approaching the end of his character arc. His only real drive to survive at this point is to keep doing the right thing and help the living defeat the dead.

Jaime has many enemies still existing, with Daenerys Targaryen largely being the most prominent character that wouldn’t mind seeing him die. He’s also been at odds with the Starks in the past, he’s betrayed his sister, and he’s obviously going to be at risk in this crazy battle.

Bettors will absolutely want to consider that a lot of the main characters will not die in this war. Some certainly have to, but this list provided by Bovada may very well include names of characters that die after the battle.

Lannister could still survive this battle and end up meeting his maker for a variety of reasons. It’s also worth noting that Bran Stark questioned Jaime’s logic that there would be an “after” following the battle with the white walkers.

I’m not reading too much into that, but it shouldn’t be ignored.

Lannister’s character has come full circle like so many others, and he’s going into a pretty intense fight as less of a soldier than he’s been in the past. Dying on the battlefield and having Brienne of Tarth witness it could be all of the tear-jerky, too.

Arya Stark +1500

TV shows can often foreshadow the deaths of characters by completing their arcs, as I’ve touched on. Some are a little less obvious than others, but sometimes it’s right in front of our eyes.

The fact that Arya sleeps with Gendry — both doing so with a man for the first time and doing it with one we are to believe she may love — suggests her end could be nearing.

The official Game of Thrones trailer also shows Arya on the run after being attacked by someone, too, so whether she dies or not, she could be in major danger in the not too distant future. Regardless of what sends her on the road, if she’s taking part in this crazy war, she’s going to be in some trouble.

Arya is a skilled assassin, but she looks frightened in the trailer, and it’s worth noting she’s never fought in true battle. Could she be in over her head a bit here and submit to the undead?

Tyrion Lannister +1500

I think there is still story to tell for Tyrion, while it can’t be hurtful that several people suggested he should stay down in the crypt with the women and children. Tyrion мейд it this far because of his mind, per Queen Daenerys, so protecting him for what comes after is crucial.

Everyone wants that epic showdown between Tyrion and Cersei, but it’s possible we just never get it. Could it be that Tyrion is too prideful and foolishly takes part in a battle he has no place in? It’s possible, and if that happens, he could easily be the first to go in episode three.

Much like Jaime or anyone else, Tyrion could also be a marked man beyond the battle with the undead. If he does ever come face to face with his sister again, it could be the end of him.

Jon Snow +2000

I could go either way on Snow. The Night King seems to almost respect him in a weird way but also sees him as a threat and probably wouldn’t mind killing him.

Snow also may have a new enemy brewing in Daenerys, while surviving the battle of Winterfell would still set him up for dangerous moments when/if the good guys try to dethrone Cersei.

Jon Snow “knows nothing,” and I wonder how long the show will take to remind us of that. Then again, it feels weird that the show would make such a big deal about his death and resurrection, only to kill him off before another crucial moment in the series.

You probably have to answer this, then: Is Jon Snow the guy destined for the Iron Throne (+225 favorite at Bovada), or is he just a fantastic decoy in a story filled with fakeouts and dirty tricks?

Daenerys Targaryen +2500

The take can be similar with Daenerys. Either you still cheer her on in her plight to win back the throne she thought was hers, or she now has lost her will to live in this story.

I’m still going to hate to see her go, but here are the two most likely options for Daenerys at this point: her power-hungry ways consume her and she goes full Mad King in an attempt to take the throne, or she falls on her sword to help the man she loves, knowing the throne is his destiny and not hers.

Knowing Game of Thrones, there’s some type of middle ground we’re going to grow enamored with. But when betting, sometimes it pays to take sharp stances.

Daenerys is a good person at heart, but at some point, everyone in her family goes nuts. Could the throne being yanked out from under her cause her to go crazy, or will she learn to allow Snow to take over control?

I doubt any of that leads to her being the first to go in episode three, but I also don’t think she’s protected by her narrative anymore.

Sansa Stark +2500

I was somewhat okay with the idea of Daenerys taking out Sansa at some point, but now that no longer makes sense. In fact, if a Stark threatens her at this point, it’s actually Jon Snow (who isn’t even a Stark).

Much like Tyrion and so many others, Sansa isn’t here for her fighting prowess. She’s мейд it this far because she’s smart, and if the living are to prevail in the battle with the undead, that will again be the reason why she makes it to the end of the show.

There is something about Sansa that has me thinking she has big things down the line, and I still am holding out hope she’ll be the one to kill Queen Cersei. Whether that happens or not, a lot of death should come in episode three, and I don’t yet see Sansa being part of the corpse pile.

Who Will Die Next in Game of Thrones?

Based on how the show is playing out, my assumption is the next person to die won’t even be on this list. That obviously includes any random person being killed on screen, but there are several characters not even mentioned here.

Samwell Tarly, Jorah Mormont, Tormund Giantsbane, Podrick, and so many others are options here, but Bovada doesn’t list them. So, are you betting on who dies first throughout the entire series, or just off of the list provided?

My guess is it’s the latter, and that’s really the only way you can move forward with this wager.

While I’m sure someone not listed at Bovada dies first, the goal here is to pick the next person to die from the options available. With that, I think the first big death in Game of Thrones season 8 is going to be Jaime Lannister.

I hope to be wrong here as a fan of the show. He’s one of the best characters, and he’s one of my personal favorites. He started as a total heel, but the fact that he’s now endeared to fans shows how much the character has grown.

But so many things are working against him.

The most obvious issue is that big players in the great game are going to eventually have to die. Lannister makes as much sense as anyone, and the emotional theatrics spent in knighting Brienne of Tarth in episode two only makes this one tougher to take.

Jaime is also laying his life on the line for a lot of people he previously couldn’t care less about, yet he’s fighting a losing battle as a one-handed man. He just isn’t the same fighter he used to be, and in a war with the undead, that’s going to be a problem.

The character arc is complete, Lannister is in grave danger, and there has been enough foreshadowing to set up his death. Theon is the next-best bet now that he’s Bran’s personal bodyguard, but I can’t imagine The Night King getting to Bran immediately.

We’re going to see a lot of death before that point and long before we get to anything dealing with Queen Cersei. Unfortunately, I think Jaime Lannister’s death precedes anything wild going down in King’s Landing.

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